S/N bound Hexfile Generator


this is only for ESC's with v1.0 or v1.01!
if you touch the FW of a ESC with a later version with something else then the KISS GUI or the KISS Flash loader you will brik the bootloader.
if you think you have bricked your bootloader during normal update, try fisrt:

  1. open the FW you want to flash with the GUI (ESC Flasher tab) or the KISS Flash loader with unplugged ESC Power
  2. start the flash process and plug in the ESC power after 0.5-1Second.
  3. wait till the flash process is done

KISS24A FW v1.02 (1.01 but with bootloader)



Problem Solution
Where can i find my serial numbers? Please have a look at the end of the KISS24A's manual
My serial numbers don't work Please write your serial numbers to info@flyduino.net including your flyduino account name
I flashed the wrong hex file to an ESC, now i can't see the serials anymore Please download and flash this hex file KISS_ESC_SpamSerialNumber.zip to the ESC, it will make it spam its serial number