KISSFC Firmware Update (now v1.01)

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Update Instructions for Beta Version 1.02beta47

Changes from 1.0 to 1.01 stable:

Update Instructions

Step 1:

Close the Bootjumper on the KISSFC with a solderbridge or a wire.

Step 2:

Download and install Dfuse from ST

Dfuse Download

Step 3:

Download the KISSFC update file v1.01.

KISSFC v1.01 update Download

Step 4:

Open Dfuse Demonstrator, which you have installed in step 2 and choose the update file.

Step 5:

Now connect the KISS FC to your PC and press "Upgrade"

Removing conflicting drivers!

If you don't see the correct device in the DfuseDemo tool you might have another STM32 Bootloader driver like ZADIG installed. In order to make the KISS FC connecting in bootloader mode you need to remove the previously installed drivers first.

1. Plug in the KISS FC in bootloader mode (with the Boot jumper bridged)
2. Go to your Windows device manager, in the top menu select "View" the "Show hidden devices)
3. You should see the previous STM32 Bootloader driver at the bottom of the list under "USB devices" (not USB Controller)
4. Right click on it and select uninstall or remove, make sure you selected "remove associated files"
5. Unplug the KISS FC and plug it in again, still with the boot jumper bridged

Windows should now see a new device and offer to install a driver for it.
Just follow the steps, Win will download and install a new bootloader driver for the STM32 and show it in both the device manager and the DfuseDemo tool.

Step 6:

Remove the read protection.

Step 7:

Confirm to flash it.

Step 8:

Your KISSFC is now up to date! please dont forget to re open the Bootjumper.

Step 9:

If your google chrome browser did not updated the GUI to GUI v1.02, you may need to remove it from the expansions and re install it KISSFC GUI v1.02

Step 10:

To activate your new KISSFC firmware on your KISSFC, you will need to connect it to the GUI and press "Save Settings" this time the PC where you run the GUI needs to be online, to have it be able to activate the FC.

(as long as the FC is not activated, the blue LED will flash one time each second).